Sunday, June 12, 2016

with Carol Heft, Michael McJilton, and Seth Remsnyder

part 1: Chris Fletcher :

part 2: Carol Heft and Chris Fletcher:

part 3: Carol Heft and Chris Fletcher

Not every minute of the session was motion captured but there were
some still screen captures:

part four: Carol Heft, Chris Fletcher, and Michael McJilton:

part last: Carol Heft, Chris Fletcher, Michael McJilton, and Seth Remsnyder:

the entire session lasted about two hours

with students in Columbia College's 2016 High School Summer Arts Intensive

 a few of the different stages

Saturday, June 11, 2016

with Matt Ballou

Matt Ballou and Chris Fletcher (at 16x speed)

Matthew Ballou

A still from Ballou's "Magnificat (the carcass and cloud of unknowing)"

Matthew Ballou has several time lapse digital drawings/paintings on his Vimeo page.

Swing at the drop of a hat

“This guy from Kansas city always used to talk about him (Richie Kamuca) and say that he could "swing at the drop of a hat". I’ve always liked that phrase! It meant, you know, you can just see this guy getting up (and I can actually remember how he sounds sort-of) and you get this sort of happy- da-Doop-doop-Doop-doop- happy swinging jazz. Boom. "        

- Stanley Lewis in a 2011 interview with Tulsa Public Radio's Rich Fischer (8:36)

This could also serve as a good description of the intended spirit of the quick impromptu drawings featured in this blog.

with Connie Luebbert

Connie Luebbert and Chris Fletcher 

with Jennifer Wiggs

Jennifer Wiggs and Chris Fletcher at 8x speed

with Carol Heft

Carol Heft and Chris Fletcher after Tiepolo

with Demian Garnero

Demian Garnero and Chris Fletcher, November 1st, 2015


 Garnero and Fletcher, November 2nd, 2015