Thursday, August 18, 2016

First Live Online Collaborative Drawings (November 2015)

Sunday, November 1st, 2015 was the date of the earliest live online collaborative drawing that I've hosted.  If I recall correctly, the participants included Matt Ballou, Jennifer Wiggs, Sara Fletcher, and myself, Chris Fletcher. The title reads "Second Board" because I'd stayed up late the night before trying out Realtime Board by myself on the "First Board".

It quickly became clear that the zoom feature was going to make it hard to see where everybody was working. It was so frustrating, I resolved to try and keep the screen at the same viewing size for all participants if we ever did this again.

There were four collaborations that first day but only that first one was on Realtime Board. The other three were on A Web Whiteboard, The next was with Joseph Podlesnick:

The last two were with Demian Garnero. I posted the final image from this first session earlier in this blog, but here are some shots of it in earlier stages. We worked on it for about an hour.

Here is the final state again:

And here are few stages of the last one we made on that first day (again, with Demian Garnero) :

Over the next few days, I would post the links to open boards and start drawing and eventually someone would drop in or out but I never found out who they were. This one is from November 2:

November 3rd: More with as yet unidentified participant(s):

and another:

Then one from November 4th, also with unidentified participant(s):

Then there was one more of these first collaborations, this time with Joseph Podlesnick again on November 5th:

After these first few days of November 2015, I put the live online collaborative drawing thing aside altogether until June 2016.